Blonde Faith – Walter Mosley

March 13, 2017

Walter Mosely leads us on a thrilling tale in Blonde Faith, published by Little, Brown and Company, copyright 2007.


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In this continuation of the series about the investigations of a man known to the world as Easy Rawlins, we are treated to more insights and revelations as to what life was like in the nineteen sixties.  Easy is a man who always feels the need to help others and see justice done.  He carries many emotional scars from the time he fought for our country in World War II and had to murder many in the interest of preserving the lives of his brothers in arms.  He was never happy with his ability to kill, and at one point he had shot a sniper who was killing many of his fellow troops.  When he went to check the sniper’s body he found an eleven year old boy with a rifle who had been chained to a tree by his sixteen year old commander.


Easy Rawlins hated war and he hated killing but as a black private detective he was often introduced to situations where his clients, the friends and children he protected, needed his skills of deadly force.  A very intimidating person, the way he carries himself and the look in his dark brown eyes causes the evil people he often has to encounter to take fair warning.  Easy is a dangerous man whom you don’t want to cross.

Easy Rawlins helps people and never has to look far to find a need for assistance.  An old friend calls one evening to ask if he would look for his daughter whom he normally hears from often but communication has stopped.  So Easy sets out on the streets of Los Angeles in search of this teenage girl.  He finds her turning tricks on the street and his able to relay to her that her dad needs her back.  She is terrified of a man who has been coercing and manipulating her.  Easy confronts the pimp and displays his great powers of persuasion and intimidation to the point where the pimp truly fears for his life and understands he must never go near her again.

More trouble arises in rapid succession.  Easy is contacted by a friend who’s husband, an ex-marine named Christmas Black, is missing and the police are searching for him in connection with a murder that they say he committed.  He starts tracking Christmas down hoping to ensure that his friend is okay and perhaps clear his name, but his initial search reveals nothing new.  Some ex-military men threaten Easy demanding he give them all information he has, and can acquire, on the murder suspect.  Their motive is not apparent but Easy knows he must avoid them or get rid of them altogether.  Through all this turmoil Easy’s longtime but estranged lover Bonnie tells him she has met another man and wants to marry him; this is the inspiration for the title of this thrilling novel “Blonde Faith”.

I was quite intrigued, and sometimes confused, by the names Moseley used for the characters involved in this very personal and exciting tale of a man who is trying to do the right thing and finds difficulty every which-way he turns.  The life philosophy is outstanding.  Walter Mosley writes the finest crime fiction you will ever find; a ‘must read’ thriller.

Literally, Paul

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