Death of a Scriptwriter – M.C. Beaton
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M.C. Beaton’s Scottish detective protagonist Hamish Macbeth returns in Death of a Scriptwriter, published by Mysterious Press, copyright 1998.   This continuation of the Hamish Macbeth series introduces us to Patricia Martyn-Broyd who has for many years been known as one of Scotland’s most favored detective novelists.  In the last decade, however sales of her books have fallen off almost completely so when she is approached by an agent for a television producer and asked if they could use her writings as the foundation for a series of programs she is surprised and elated.  Patricia would love nothing more than to have her works come to life again.   Fiona King, the producer, comes to detective Hamish Macbeth and asks about appropriate locations to stage the production of one of Patricia’s stories, The Case of the Rising Tides.  Hamish directs her to a secluded and dreary place on a nearby loch that has a castle that has been renovated and transformed into a bed and breakfast.  The village of Drim is located at the edge of the loch and has a population with very little excitement in their lives so when they hear that the pilot movie is going to be…

Death of a Glutton – M.C. Beaton
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M.C. Beaton presents to us the Checkmate Singles Club at the start of this enjoyable continuance of the Hamish Macbeth series of novels in Death of a Glutton, published by St. Martin’s Press, copyright 1993. Many personalities have applied for a holiday excursion to Lochdubh in Scotland’s northern shores.  Maria Worth has started this dating service with the financial assistance of her longtime friend Peta Gove.  Because of her family monies Peta has substantial funds to back Maria in this venture but it comes with a price.  Peta is looking for a man, a man who can tolerate her habit of almost constantly stuffing herself with food.  When Peta goes to dinners she not only finishes her own plateful but asks people if she can finish theirs as well.  To call her a glutton would almost be a kindness.  The woman can and will eat every morsel of food that she can lay her hands on and then complain there wasn’t more.  Her table manners are rather grotesque and she has the habit of showing up at the carefully thought out and well arranged singles meetings that Maria has designed. The dating service seems to be doing well but Peta’s constant lip-smacking…

Death of a Kingfisher – M.C. Beaton
Fiction , M.C. Beaton , Mystery / May 17, 2017

M.C. Beaton continues her proliferate mystery writing career with Death of a Kingfisher, published by Grand Central Publishing, copyright 2012.   In this continuation of the Hamish Macbeth Mystery series the people of northern Scotland are looking for ways to supplement their incomes through the tourism trade.  The folks in the village of Braikie have little to attract anyone to their quiet northern area except the lovely forests of Buchan’s Wood.  During this time of economic recession the people of Braikie as well as nearby Lochdubh were becoming more inventive in their ways to attract more attention to their location on the coast of the North Atlantic.   Constable Dick Fraser who is about to retire lives with Police Investigator Hamish Macbeth.  The arrangement irritates Hamish but he has to appreciate that the man does take care of his dog and his wild cat as well as serve as an eternal source of the local gossip which to a police investigator can be a grand way of picking up clues and other valuable information.  It is through Constable Dick that Hamish finds out about Buchan’s Wood.  The woods had been bequeathed to the village by a Mr. Colchester, a well to do land owner….

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