Naked in Death – J.D. Robb

April 25, 2017

J.D. Robb begins her In Death series of sci-fi murder mysteries with Naked in Death, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, copyright 2004.


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From the beginning of this novel we are introduced into a world that is slightly different from our own.  This world has computers and machines that reminded me of Star Trek, Isaac Asimov and other writings that suggest what the future might be like.  To speak to an android and have it bring back your favorite, perfectly mixed coffee had become a normality in this world.  The toast was a different story for detective Eve Dallas, who would eat it even though it was burnt and chase it down with the much needed coffee that she required for her busy day.  This morning would truly turn into a “busy day” because Eve is faced with the indescribably brutal murder of a woman who would be best described as a lady of the evening.


This all takes place in a time in the future where handguns and even assault rifles are considered antiquated so when Eve and her partner Ryan Feeney find a thirty eight caliber Model Ten Smith & Wessen revolver they had to remark that they had never seen one outside of a museum.  Living in the year of 2058 necessitated a completely different understanding of the way things work whether it be policing, raising children, or simply fixing a meal for the night.

Eve Dallas has investigated many crimes in the years she has spent as a detective investigator.  She is well known in Manhatten and is considered to be courageous, impatient, and somewhat mouthy or brash.  Ryan is a computer expert in the police department and meets Eve at the scene with the disturbing news that her sometimes lover, an Irishman by the name of Roarke, is connected through online networking to the victim.  He is a millionaire and always takes Eve to the finest restaurants.

As more murder victims start to turn up Eve becomes torn between the feelings developing between her and Roarke, and the growing trail of evidence that continually leads back to the Irishman.

Literally, Paul.

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