Revival – Stephen King
All Books , Horror / December 19, 2016

Stephen King brings a taste of weird horror and supernatural mystery in Revival, published by Scribner, copyright 2014. Jamie Morton is arranging his toy soldiers on a hill he had constructed when a shadow crosses his battleground then stops over him. Jamie is a young boy in 1962 and is curious about this new preacher who is offering advice on troop placement and attack strategies. The new minister and his wife and son quickly became quite popular in the community and the six-year-old Jamie looked up to the minister for guidance. One afternoon the preacher, Pastor Charles “Jabs” Jacobs, invited Jamie to his garage to see something he knew would interest the boy. To Jamie’s astonishment, Pastor Jacobs had assembled a miniature town he had named Peaceable Lake on a plywood and sawhorse table; complete with running water for a lake and stream and electric lights to illuminate the roadways and buildings. This mini town, Jamie was told, would be used as a teaching tool during Bible Studies. This was not the only undertaking Pastor Jabs would use electricity for. He later applied two electric wands to Jamie’s brother’s throat when he lost his voice through a traumatizing experience thus bringing his voice back. Many…

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