The Naming of the Dead – Ian Rankin

January 17, 2015

The Naming of the Dead (AMZN)Edgar Award winner, Ian Rankin (wiki) is one of Scotland’s finest writers of mystery with a hand on the pulse of politics and police procedure. Scottish history is, at best, difficult to understand. Infiltrated by many cultures and religions, this country has endured some extremely difficult times both politically as well as feudally.

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In 2005 presidents Bush and Putin attended an international conference of world leaders triggering massive protests and riotous crowds. When one head of state commits, what seems to be a suicide, most of the police were engaged in riot and crowd control, leaving no one but detective inspector John Rebus and his partner Siobhan (pronounced shee-vaun) to look into the case.

When other high ranking officials start turning up murdered, Rebus suspects there is more to this than a serial murderer. As he follows the trail things get rather dangerous for him and his partner when they start connecting politicians with the clues.

Ian Rankin’s character development creates a familiarity with seeming real-world kind of people; personalities tend to float off the page.

The Inspector Rebus series has kept me captivated and glued to the edge of the next page. I highly recommend anything by Ian Rankin and this series of novels in particular has brought me great enjoyment.


Paul Webster

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